Logo Design

We take some basic information about you and your company to find out what you need in a logo and what styles you like. From that conversation we design a few logo options for you to look at and pick certain aspects and features from. That is called the “Rough Draft”. (Often times, our clients are happy with one of these and need no further design work.) We will take the rough draft and your suggested changes and make the alterations. You then receive a “Final Draft”. If there are any changes from the final draft, we charge according to the time involved in these changes (it could be as little as $10 or as much as $100)

In our effort to keep your cost low, we only charge for the design time to create your logo in our program and keep it on file for use on your signs, business cards, apparel and vehicles graphics. Once finalized, we will send you a high resolution .jpg image for your use.  If you need the Vector Format of your logo for any reason you can purchase this at an additional fee.

We take great pride in custom designing your signs and printing to fit the color scheme and style of your business so everything we do for you will remain consistent with the rest of your marketing. So if you would like a quote on your next Logo Design or Logo Reproduction project today, fill out our Quote Request Form and one of our expert sign and printing consultants will get you a custom quote today!